Dear Pastor,

Funeral Sermons

We all know that a funeral is a tremendous opportunity to reach out to church members and/or their loved ones in a way that you can 

at no other time.

In the midst of their grief, they need a Word from God, and you have been put in the position to give it to them! What a great honor, as well as a tremendous responsibility.


One of the most stressful years I ever had in ministry was the one in which I performed 26 

funerals for members of our congregation. On 

average I was preaching a funeral every other 


Not only did this take a lot out of me spiritually, but speaking from a purely practical standpoint, I was running out of things to say! I truly wish that back then, I had the resource we are revealing to you today.

We have put together a volume of 52 Funeral Sermons to help you give God's Word at this crucial time. You are free to use our ideas, add your own, or rearrange these messages in any way you see fit.

Our goal in this volume, is to make sure you are ready at the spur of the moment, with a message that God can use to reach others as well as help them during this difficult time.

We have made this wonderful resource available in three different formats:

Format #1: Comes in Microsoft Word and PDF for instant download. This format allows you to edit the messages, print them out, and preach.

Format #2: Paperback Book -- sometimes you would rather just hold a book in your hand.

Format #3: Kindle -- For your Tablet, Computer, or Smart Phone.


Format #1 Download in Word/PDF

Format #2 Paperback

Format #3 Kindle



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When you order you will receive a total of 52 Sermons similar to the samples above, that you can download immediately after you order (in Formats 1 & 3)!


These Sermons will cut hours off of your preparation time. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that each and every message is not only consistent with God's Word, but relevant to your hearers.


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Thank you for considering this timely resource for your library!


In Christ,


Barry L. Davis, D.Min. is a ministry of The Pastor's Helper